We Sing Deutsche Hits

40 chart topping Deutsche hits! One great game!

We Sing Deutsche Hits packshot
on Wii
by Le Cortex

We Sing Deutsche Hits delivers a great set of songs to get any party going. From rock and pop, to classic and modern, the huge variety of songs means there is a something for everyone. So invite your friends… it’s time to relax and enjoy a singing extravaganza!

  • The only game featuring four mics & four singers… together!
  • 40 chart topping songs from a wide range of leading German artists, including mostly original videos!
  • Broad range of music for a variety of tastes
  • Solo, Party and Karaoke modes
  • Singing lessons – learn to sing like a professional
  • Single and multi-player in-game Awards – add depth and replay value to the game
  • Party Mode includes We Sing, Versus, Group Battle, Pass The Mic, First to X, Marathon, Blind and Expert!
  • Up to 4 players can sing along together in any Party Mode
  • Karaoke mode – vocals removed for the purists
  • Jukebox – cue up and play your favourite songs and videos
  • Playlist feature – line up your favourite songs and play them in any mode