La Voz Vol. 2

The great singing competition returns!

La Voz Vol. 2 packshot
Family / Casual, Music
on Wii
by Le Cortex

Whether you’re a fiery diva or a slick show stopper, La Voz Vol. 2 is guaranteed to crank up the fun in your party. With a solo mode which follows the TV series format, sing your heart out to become La Voz Vol. 2 and convince the coaches you have what it takes.

Now with loads of multiplayer features, you and your friends can sing with or against each other to take the vocal crown and choose from loads of great party tunes to battle it out to. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a mic and get the party started by becoming La Voz Vol. 2! Available on Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3.

  • 30 chart topping songs with original videos.
  • The Voice mode - Just like the TV show, practice and fight your way through the Blind Auditions, The Battles, The Show Downs and The Final to become The Voice of Germany!
  • Various single player modes like Solo and Expert, and unique modes such as Beat the Crowd.
  • Also for that pure karaoke experience - Karaoke mode allowing you to have only lyrics and instrumentals.
  • An in-built jukebox giving you your own music channel!
  • With over 6 multiplayer modes
  • Battle - See who's really got The Voice in a head to head show down.
  • Survivor - Try to out sing your opponent in a tug-o-war match!
  • Duet - Sing together cooperatively for the best possible score.
  • Team Relay - Play with up to 4 singers to reach the highest score using one mic.
  • Relay Battle - Up to 8 players in 2 teams take each other on with 2 mics to relay!
  • And a Multiplayer Tournament - Up to six singers battling it out to get crowned the tournament champion!