Crash Car Racer

Strap in tight...

Crash Car Racer packshot
on Wii
by Brain in a Jar

Crash Car Racer offers the best of motor sport..high speed action, crossovers, ramps and cars that can withstand huge crashes and keep on racing. Relive the excitement with Crash Car Racer.

With three car classes and five game modes, there are plenty of reasons to shake off the dust from your last pile up and jump right back into the driving seat! Two great multiplayer modes mean that even your friends can get in on the fun!

  • Single player Practice, Race, Carnage, Weekend and Championship modes
  • Two players can compete in Head to Head and Capture the Flag modes
  • Road hazards include ramps, crossovers and 2-way race traffic
  • Unlock three car classes, five extra circuits and bonus car liveries