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  • EGX REZZED 2018

    EGX REZZED 2018

    Thu 12 Apr - Sun 15 Apr

    In the UK? Get the first European hands-on with Shaq Fu: A Legend RebornThe Town of Light and Victor Vran: Overkill Edition + a brand new yet to be revealed game!

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  • PAX East 2018

    PAX East 2018

    Wed 4 Apr - Sun 8 Apr

    We're off to PAX! With the first look at Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn, The Town of Light and Victor Vran: Overkill Edition + a brand new yet to be revealed game!

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  • GDC 2018

    GDC 2018

    Mon 19 Mar - Fri 23 Mar

    We're off to DGC where we'll be announcing our BRAND NEW GAME!!

    Want a private look and dev interview? Drop an email to us now!

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  • Surf World Series Launches on PS4 in retail!

    Surf World Series Launches on PS4 in retail!

    Fri 10 Nov - Sat 11 Nov

    Surf's up! Surf World Series is hitting retail shelves just in time for Christmas!

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  • Max The Curse of Brotherhood Launches on PS4!

    Max The Curse of Brotherhood Launches on PS4!

    Wed 8 Nov - Fri 10 Nov

    Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is making it's long awaiting debut on the PlayStation 4! Make sure you follow our channels as we celebrate with live streams and competitions! Find out more, and where to buy, by visiting the Max product page!

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  • EGX 2017

    EGX 2017

    Wed 20 Sep - Sun 24 Sep

    Find the Wired booth in the Rezzed Zone - Stand RZ 16!

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  • MCM London 2017

    MCM London 2017

    Fri 26 May - Sun 28 May

    We've off to MCM, giving fans an exclusive first look at Victor Vran: Overkill Edition with our friends GAME! Plus we'll be joining Troma legend Lloyd Kaufman for a live panel about the making of vVctor!

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  • Motörhead Road Crew

    Motörhead Road Crew

    Thu 6 Apr - Thu 6 Apr

    We're hitting the road with Motörhead and Victor Vran legend, Phil Campbell to support a very special gig!

    Not only will you be able to watch Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons, you'll be able to have a Road Crew beer and be one of the first in the UK to play the Victor Vran expansion, Motörhead Through The Ages on Playstation 4!

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    Camerons Röad Crew & The Cluny Proudly Present:


    There isn't much Welsh guitar legend Phil Campbell hasn’t done. 

    From three-plus decades as Motörhead’s axeman to being voted number 20 in the pole of top 100 Welsh Heroes (comfortably beating JPR Williams, Roald Dahl and Sir Anthony Hopkins) to covering a Norweigian promoter in squirty cheese, Pontypridd-born Campbell continues to live life to the fullest with guitar in hand and humour intact.

    Growing up admiring the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Tony Iommi and Jimmy Page, Campbell was playing professionally at the age of 13 with cabaret band Contrast on the Welsh club circuit. He bought his first Les Paul in 1973, and only 5 years later (in 1978!) he formed popular heavy metal indie band Persian Risk. Spending several years gigging with Risk, in February 1984 Campbell auditioned for the vacant guitar slot in popular beat group Motörhead. He ended up sharing guitar duties with fellow auditionee (and partner-in-cheap-laughs) Michael Würzel Burston. 

    In a 32 year Motörcareer which spanned three drummers, the departure of Würzel and the appearance of a horse onstage, Campbell was a major creative force and identity for the legendary rockers, selling millions of albums, filling dozens of passports and finding fun and games wherever he went. With 16 studio albums under his belt, Campbell has co-written some of Motörhead’s most-loved songs, including “Orgasmatron”, “Going To Brazil” and “Rock Out”. In fact, since joining the band, Campbell has co-written 90% of Motörhead’s studio output. He has also enjoyed various accolades, including 4 Grammy nominations and one Grammy win (in 2005), two Golden God awards from Metal Hammer magazine, a Kerrang! award, an official proclamation from the City of Los Angeles in August 2015, and a grand total of 16 speeding fines. Bear in mind that Phil is also El Presedente of the Campbell Comedy Corporation.

    Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons, feature Campbell alongside his three sons Todd (guitar), Dane (drums), Tyla (bass) and are complemented by vocalist Neil Starr.


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  • REZZED 2017

    REZZED 2017

    Thu 30 Mar - Sat 1 Apr

    Last year was so much fun, we're back again! Celebrating all things Indie UK! You'll be able to get hands-on with The Town of Light and Victor Vran: Overkill Edition!

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  • PAX EAST 2017

    PAX EAST 2017

    Fri 10 Mar - Sun 12 Mar

    We're off to PAX! With the first look at The Town of Light and Victor Vran: Overkill Edition!

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  • GDC 2017

    GDC 2017

    Mon 27 Feb - Fri 3 Mar

    The Wired Away team are off to GDC! Fancy a cup of good old English tea? A chat about a project you've put your sole in? Drop us a message!

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  • Minecon


    Sat 24 Sep - Sun 25 Sep

    The Bros are off to Minecon! Those attending can get to grips with Freddie, Axl, Lars and Ozzie in sunny south California, US! We'll bring you the latest snaps and videos. Make sure you follow the Bros on their Facebook, Twitter and the official Super Dungeon Bros Website!

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  • EGX 2016

    EGX 2016

    Thu 22 Sep - Sun 25 Sep

    We're heading to Eurogamer Expo (EGX) with the rock-themed co-op dungeon brawler Super Dungeon Bros! #BrosB4Foes

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  • Tokyo Game Show 2016

    Tokyo Game Show 2016

    Sat 17 Sep - Sun 18 Sep

    Thanks to our awesome Japanese publishing partners, Cross Function, the rock themed co-op dungeon brawler, Super Dungeon Bros, will be playable at the Tokyo Games Show via booth #9-B38 on 17th and 18th September.

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  • Gamestop Exp

    Gamestop Exp

    Wed 14 Sep

    Super Dungeon Bros and We Sing will be playable at the Gamestop Expo!

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  • PAX 2016

    PAX 2016

    Fri 2 Sep - Mon 5 Sep

    Get hands on with Super Dungeon Bros at this year’s PAX Prime in Seattle!

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  • PAX 2015

    PAX 2015

    Fri 2 Sep - Mon 5 Sep

    We took the Bros across to Seattle with all new never before seen content!

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  • Eurogamer Expo

    Eurogamer Expo

    Thu 24 Sep - Sun 27 Sep

    We're heading to Eurogamer Expo (EGX) with the rock-themed co-op dungeon brawler Super Dungeon Bros! #BrosB4Foes

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  • Gamescom


    Wed 5 Aug - Sun 9 Aug

    Super Dungeon Bros playable at the German video games exhibition in both trade and consumer halls.  Further details to be confirmed.

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  • E3


    Tue 16 Jun - Thu 18 Jun

    Exclusive Demo of Super Dungeon Bros to be playable at this year’s E3 in Los Angeles available in the South Hall #3054, with all new never before seen content!

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