• Sep19

    Details for GRIP: Combat Racing’s Fierce Multiplayer Released

    Split-Screen, Tournaments, Leaderboard and More Showcased on New Multiplayer Trailer for the Upcoming Arcade Combat Racer

    Today we released the multiplayer features for GRIP: Combat Racing - a ferociously fast, futuristic arcade combat racer - including split-screen, tournament creation and online leaderboards!

    Hurtling towards its November 6, 2018 release on...

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  • Sep12

    Victor Vran Patch Inbound

    We're slaying away a couple of bugs

    Hey hunters! We've had a couple of comments about music during the main menu dropping and some FPS issues on Victor Vran: Overkill Edition ... the good news is we've heard you and the team have been slaying those bug demons away!

    We'll be...

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  • Aug28

    Victor Hunts on Switch!

    Separate Skulls from Bodies with Wonton Abandon in biggest ARPG on Nintendo Switch

    We're delighted to finally be at launch day, or slay day, for Victor Vran on Nintendo Switch! Enabling our fans to play wherever, whenever and with whomever they chose is a dream come true for the team, who first starting drawing up plans for a...

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  • Aug27

    Wired Rewards

    Get more from your games!

    Picked up a copy of Victor Vran?

    Grab your code and click HERE to claim your Victor Vran reward! (add your code during checkout!)

    Also, make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and share your thoughts on your new game with...

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  • Aug13

    GRIP: Combat Racing launches November 6th!

    We are delighted to share that GRIP: Combat Racing, the ferociously fast, futuristic arcade combat racer,  – will speed onto the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC (via Steam) on November 6, 2018!

    Developing GRIP: Combat Racing...

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  • Aug09

    I Am Victor

    Can you smell the blood? Do you see the shadows moving?


    It's... it's..


    Victor Vran! Wow, we're only weeks away from Victor launching on the Nintendo Switch! The team here at Wired have had a great ride helping Haemimont Games tell Victor's...

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  • Jul27

    Meet ΔRΔVELLE!

    For our first 'Talk with the community,' we caught up with streamer, Aravelle! Make sure you check out her links below!

    What are your channel links?

    My channel links are:, and...

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  • Jul27

    July Newsletter

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  • Jul25

    Meet Matt

    Each month we're saying hello to various members of the Wired Fam, giving you the chance to meet the faces behind #WiredGames!

    Q: What do you do at Wired? 

    A: I’m part of the QA team but I also help to run the Wired Social channels. I work with...

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  • Jul25

    Doug Talks to Siri!

    We've all talked to Ciri, sorry, we mean Siri, from asking for directions, the meaning of life, to what we should eat for dinner, but we know what you've really been thinking... what would a demon hunter ask!?

    Well, now you know!

    Check out how...

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